Europe in the making - The history of the euro

1.2.3. With the euro Proactive Measures

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fold faq At what point on the path toward the euro is there no turning back?
fold faq What milestones marked the road toward the EMU?
fold faq Which considerations prevailed in the choice of the name for the single currency?
fold faq When was the change to the EMU expected to take place?
fold faq What was the actual timetable for the implementation of the EMU and the transition to a single currency? The Effective Implementation of the EMU

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fold faq How was the euro introduced?
fold faq What particular mechanisms prevailed during the transitional period?
fold faq At what rates are national currencies converted into euros?
fold faq How were currencies converted into euros (and vice versa) for financial and contractual transactions?
fold faq How are amounts converted into euros rounded?
fold faq How can we understand the new prices?
fold faq What happens to contracts in ecu or national currencies?
fold faq Have our monetary assets been depreciated?
fold faq What has been the cost of transition to a single currency and who has supported this cost?